These test questions are designed and written as an educational tool for students to study and prepare themselves to pass the State Exam. It is designed to provide accurate information in regards to the particular test categories covered. It is not written for the purpose of giving legal or professional advice to the students. It is also not written to be memorized. Students need to learn the concepts of insurance. It is designed for individual users, not to be shared with others. This is not for licensed agents.

You must study all test questions and score 95% or better on each test category. You must take the State Exam within 30 days of signing up for the online test review questions. All reimbursements must be requested in writing within 30 days of the initial exam failure along with retest information and all required receipts from the California Department of Insurance, per our request.

Your expiration date is listed on the top of this page. Your program will automatically provide us with your test scores. Please schedule your initial exam before your six weeks is over. All online extensions will be half price for an additional 6 weeks for unlicensed agents only. Once a student requests an extension, they void the guarantee. No guarantee will be offered on extensions.

Because circumstances may change with the Department of Insurance, we disclaim responsibility for any omission or inaccuracies of the exam questions. America’s Training Center does not accept any liability for any actual or perceived loss resulting from the use of any part of the material in these test questions.

Any names used in this program are fictional and have no relationship to any live person.

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